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      Blacks are at greater risk for high blood pressure and the problems it causes. This study will look at the relationship between physical activity and blood pressure using activity tracker watches.

      We are interested in how physical activity impacts blood pressure in men and women of Black African descent. If you qualify for this study you will be asked to:
      1. Measure your blood pressure and body weight at home one week per month for six months.
      2. Wear an activity tracker watch for six months to assess your physical activity.
      3. Fill out surveys.

      Taking part in this study is your choice. If you agree to participate, you can stop any time. Your personal information will be kept private, and will only be seen by qualified study personnel.

      For this study we are looking for participants who are of Black African descent (African American, African immigrant, or of Caribbean Black ancestry) living in the Washington, DC area, and 18 years of age or older.